Terms & Conditions

Active Personnel Search = Mandate
The mandate is determined based on different criteria. We here refer here to our individual quotations.

Personnel Search through existing contacts = Placement
The fee is charged together with that of the presented candidate by conclusion of contract. The following fee rates are applicable:

Gross annual salary incl. bonus Fee
up to 100.000 CHF 21 %
from 100.000 CHF 23 %

Should an employment relationship be terminated due to reasons that have to be attributed to SCIRE group GmbH, the following refunds will be effected:
1st month 60 %
2nd month 40 %
3rd month 20 %

Aptitude Test
Test of personality structure
Insights Discovery 1.250 CHF
Detailed report 1.750 CHF

Per Training day individual quotation

Per Training day/hour individual quotation

For search orders (mandate), the invoicing takes place at confirmation of order.
The basic fee is charged by placement of order, the success fee is charged after recruitment has taken place (signing of contract).

Arising costs from aptitude tests, individual trainings, individual consulting, personnel search on contingency basis, – we will each be charged directly.
The costs for advertisements will be charged directly by the commissioned advertising agency.
All invoices of SCIRE group GmbH are payable within 10 days.
The prices are exclusive Value Added Tax. – outside of Switzerland, the VAT is not applicable.

Confidentiality Obligation
In terms of data protection, all documents of our candidates are to be treated strictly confidentially and always have to be returned to us or be destroyed after consulting. Under no circumstances are documents to be passed to any third parties without our express consent.
Furthermore, rejected candidates are not permitted to be hired without involvement of SCIRE group GmbH within 12 months.

The personnel service of SCIRE group GmbH cannot replace the detailed testing of the candidates by the client. The client takes full responsibility for the conclusion of an employment contract. The SCIRE group GmbH cannot be held liable.

The client as well as SCIRE group GmbH can terminate the collaboration at any time. Any costs are to be settled. All legal relationships between the client are subject to the Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is the location of the respective branch of SCIRE group GmbH.

The terms and conditions apply as of 1 November 2009 – adapted 1 May 2013


SCIRE group GmbH
Brigitte Gansen – Founder