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Recruitment with a difference
The SCI:RE GROUP predominantly covers recruitment in the form of direct search on the basis of a mandate.
In very select cases, usually with long-term customers, we may also collaborate on a contingency basis.
What is the difference for you?

Direct Search

Via: Direct approach | Search
processes based on data-
base and personal network
| Applicant is contacted and
then can react accordingly |
Result: Tailored to target 

| potential candidates are
significantly higher qualified |
Contacts are mostly employed,
often satisfied or inactive – but
looking for a better alternative
(professional, family, …) | Ideal
preselection for the client

Indirect Search

Via: print advertisement,
e-advertisement, internet
platforms (partly closed
systems like Linkedin, Exper-
teer, private providers, …) |
Applicant must search actively
| Result: Target profile often not focused – no preselection;
people apply who want to change jobs due to
work atmosphere, structures,
personalities | Success rate
very unsatisfactory


Mandate ratio = quality instead of quantity | Fixed, individual customer order | Fee: within defined framework | Benefits: Agency reliability; more time and know-how | Implication; Known profile – focussed search; Client gets max 5 CV’s via Shortlist | HH knows the company, including the special factors/ Concealed search – for “political” reasons/ Position not yet published as vacant | Anonymity | Open search – HR Outsourcing the recruiting | HH offers better contact possibilities


Success ratio = Quantity instead of quality | Fees will only be charged if the right candidate is found | High investment costs including uncertainty factor | Often many headhunters on a project = so called Pig-Racing | Superficial search – does not go into depth | Often unprofessional | “CV travel agency”

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